Theorists and their theories

Marx studied economic history
And developed historical determinism along economic lines.

Freud studied sex
And found that everything could be explained by sexual factors.

Darwin studied biology
And captured biological determinism (survival of the fittest)

Leakey dug human remains in Africa
And lo, behold: Man originated from Africa!

Such celebrated thinkers with so confined a vision.

The greater the level of misconception of the theorist
The greater is his popularity and
The greater is the mischief
Committed in his name by his followers
Who are even more ignorant.

Human understanding is of necessity limited.
Only the Prophets, guided by Allah
Especially our beloved Prophet Muhammad
Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him,
Can present a Balanced Totality.

Siddiq Noormuhammad
Nairobi, 1983

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